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Eric McClam, owner of City Roots Organic Farm is busy working in his greenhouse.
  • Wholesale Quantities

  • Servicing the East Coast

  • Available in 11 Varieties

  • Predictable Greenhouse Production Year Round

  • Produced with USDA Organic Farming Practices 

  • Fresh for 14 Days shelf life

Tour Our Greenhouses

See Our Production Capacity
Certified USDA organic sunflower microgreens grown by City Roots Farm

Organically & Naturally Grown

Delivering fresh, organic microgreens bursting with flavor for your customers.

We are USDA certified Organic by Clemson University Department of Plant Industry.

We never use any

---chemical pesticides



No extra “Cides” with your Microgreens! We do not use genetically engineered seeds.

Capacity To Meet Demand

We have the experience and production capacity to deliver on time, every time. City Roots has one of the largest microgreens operations in the Southeast, with over 40,000 square feet of climate-controlled space spread across our 14 greenhouses. 

City Roots Farm microgreens are greenhouse-grown and available year round

Available Year Round

The growth cycle of microgreens is only 7-10 days, which allows us to scale production very rapidly to fulfill desired orders.  We schedule our crop plantings so that microgreens are always in stock 24/7/365.  

Ready For New Customers

This flexibility in production timing and speed allows us to increase production for any new or existing customer during the year.


Ready For Delivery

We have the capacity to receive large 53’ tractor-trailers, box trucks, and small delivery vehicles of any kind.  The microgreens are taken directly from our cold storage facility and loaded directly into a receiving vehicle in order to maintain a constant cold chain. City Roots maintains a small fleet of delivery vehicles with current delivery routes on the East Coast from Maryland to Georgia. 

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